Occasionally, usually coinciding with when the planets align, I come across a band whose name is so awesome I have to type it out in block capitals, so forgive me, as this has happened once again with RESEARCH TURTLES.

This article may be somewhat challenging to read for some of you, for that I apologise, but this trend must continue until my whimsy has been fulfilled.

RESEARCH TURTLES, are an unsigned rock act from Louisiana, who have been making quite a stir with their heavy, catchy radio-friendly brand of alt-rock for the masses. They manage to tread a lovely tightrope of having a sound all-encompassing enough to appeal to most people, but still retaining some unique melodies and meaningful lyrics. Whilst I don’t like to make comparisons, a good ballpark would be ‘Pork and Beans’ era Weezer. RESEARCH TURTLES clearly derive some inspiration in part from Rivers Cuomo and his merry troop, and I’m not one to complain, after all, its a damn fine sound that the RESEARCH TURTLES craft.

RESEARCH TURTLES have a new single out, which you can download for free from their website on May 3rd. I highly recommend that you do. It is free after all, and I’ll bet that you’ll enjoy it nearly as much as I love the name.

(sorry I had to one last time.)