This article was added on behalf of Kevin Wilkins

I could go on and create an essay with a review of each act from this competition and trust me the talent was high enough to make sure I could, I had a tough time to keep up with what I noted about each act and to grab a quick shot of them on stage.
Its more suitable to review this as a competition and the standard that has been set and met by most (if not all) of the acts. This is very opinionated, as the genre of music varied so much between each act and there was a good mix to be sure everyone in the audience and on the judging panel was kept happy.

So, this challenge was the 17 – 22 age range. It posed a challenge to the audience, judges and myself to keep up with the acts as they were very quickly moved on stage, performed and politely rushed off stage. 14 acts to perform, have the audience votes counted, the judges votes counted and the winners announced… in a space of 2 hours!!!

I sat near the front, laptop and camera at the ready and the acts came on in the following order:
(I apologise if I have misspelt your name)

Anna Youngs
Fred Tomlinson
Jojo Lawani
Alfie Ordinary
Genevieve Arkle

Andy Muscat
Kate Fletcher
Chantene Hamilton
Henry Adams
Isobel Thatcher
Ollie and Sam – Bare Jams Sham

Millie Hopkins

While the votes were counted a special appearance from FDot1 kept the audience entertained.

The acts all performed well, with alot of potential in each and every act. Pleasing all round, good vocals from all and good stage presence from most. For me, a few acts stood out above the rest and these were Fred Tomlinson (with a Greenday cover), Genevieve Arkle and Millie Hopkins.

Although I would happily watch any of the other acts perform a complete set, rather than the very short time I had to pass judgement on them at this competition.

Overall the event was very well planned, tight on time but they managed to keep on schedule and provide an entertaining afternoon for everyone. I unfortunately didn’t have the time to review the 16 and under round or the 23 and over round, yet I am sure these would of been just as entertaining and worth watching.

As this was a competition, they had winners and announced them at the end. Congratulations go out to:
Melo, Jojo Lawani, Kate Fletcher, Ollie and Sam – Bare Jams, Sham, Millie Hopkins and Andy Muscat.
They will all be at the area final on the 27th November at Highlight in Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth.

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