His wish as a producer was to get signed and to work on his own EP. Now Damian Walshe has got one wish and in the process of  fulfilling the other. Damian Walshe is one half of DJ duo Headfunk, but has broken away and recently signed on the dotted line with independent label Candy Bass records. Walshe, also known as ‘The Duke’ has branched out from remixing to producing his own creations and making his first solo EP.

So here’s a pick of what it the could and should be on it:


When I Look At You

This is a good sign of things to come. Although there is the familiar sound that of most dance tracks, there is no sign of an A-lister shouting about partying all day all night, thank goodness. This is slightly down-beat affair but is no less groovy with an old school 90s hook and a dirty bassline.

Let Your Love

Like When I Look At You, this has a hook that echoes the 90s, but the female vocal makes things more summery. All that’s left is to visualise sitting on the beach with a drink in hand while succumbing to these hypnotic beats.

Evolcon Dyslexic

This is complete opposite to the other songs. It’s set a mood as a very simple five-minute composition with the only one line being, “Keep a little cosy corner of your heart for me” said in a war-time sounding recording, as if to a lost lover. Brilliant and emotive.

Boxer Elder “Bug” remix

Although it’s not highlighted as a demo track and probably may not feature on the EP, this is a great little remix. There is less electronics and clearly an acoustic guitar and bass in use, which is makes a nice break from the house sounds. Once the hand claps start, let the head-bopping commence. The fun and clumsy sounding keyboard riff is also an added quirk to this slick track.

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